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Jeremy Peter Green is an entrepreneurship attorney who helps businesses protect and expand their brands. Green handled 770 new federal trademark applications in 2018, making him the 10th most prolific trademark attorney in the United States. Green graduated from Northwestern University School of Law on a full scholarship.


Green has been profiled on USA Today, CNBC, CNN Money, NPR's Morning Edition, WIRED, MSNBC, the New York Daily News, HLN, CNN Politics, DCist,, CNET,, NBC News, Refinery29, the Globe and Mail, and several other news sources. He is best known for owning and hosting "Hillary Potter" fan fiction there during the 2016 election, before selling the domain.


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Green is based in Lower Manhattan in New York City. He formerly served as in-house General Counsel and Webmaster for Teamsters Local 922 in Washington, DC.


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Trademark Websites Are Lying About the Amazon Brand Registry

How long does it take to get on Amazon’s Brand Registry?

Disclaimer: This post arguably constitutes legal advice and in a way I am your lawyer now. At the end of this post, I will no longer be your lawyer, unless I already was before.

It takes at least eight months from the time you file a U.S. trademark application to get on the Amazon Brand Registry. Apparently other online trademark services are telling people things such as, “As far as we know, Amazon will accept proof that you’ve filed your application”, at least according to some clients of mine.


This is wrong. Amazon updated their trademark rules a few months ago. If you want to protect your brand from infringers on Amazon by being on Amazon’s Brand Registry, you need a fully registered trademark.

Amazon Brand Registry Requirement

Again, this will take at least eight months from the time you file the application. Anyone telling you otherwise is either being dishonest or, at best, willfully ignorant.